Good Day to you, Fair Traveler! Welcome to the beginnings of something hopefully grand, a dash intriguing, and possibly so fucking guano loco that I lose all of my hair when I awake in the morning, post publishing this piece (alliteration win). I have been moving around a decent bit over the short blip of existence that is my current corporeal form, and seem to have gathered a fair bit of information from those travels.blip

So what better thing to do than write a blog, I mean, right? Pictures and words are where it is at (or was, who can follow such modern fads), videos, travel reports, tech tips/tricks, possibly a podcast, who knows. Hell, if you were to tell me 2 years ago half the shit that has personally happened to me in the past year, I would probably slap you. Then call you a liar, and possibly slap you again for insulting my mother.

So sit down, put on some music, and muse through the ramblings of someone who might have some knowledge you do not. Or you can just enjoy my tight MS paint artwork, your choice.